Im very happy to announce that I’ve made an exclusive ceramic range for Liberty London. Fusing a combination of inspiration from mid century British ceramic design, oriental ornamentalism and Art Nouveau colour palettes. Resulting in a collection that is both decorative and functional. They will be in the shop soon!




New summer collection. Bold glazes inspired by colours found on Victorian tiles contrasting vibrant and rustic Terracotta.




Any excuse to get some coloured paper and do a poppy photoshoot.



Really happy with the clear overglaze on this new batch. It gives the colours even more vibrancy and the surface more depth.  For sale on my shop shortly.





Underglaze daze. Almost ready for The Independent Ceramic market in Stoke Newington at the end of March. Looking forward to making larger more sculptural pieces morphed from these individual forms soon.




New ceramic vase developments with inverted decoration.



Decoration doodle. I’m excited to paint this cute little vase.


Happy new year.A very productive and playful start in the studio.


Slightly more discerning swishes and squiggles on these chaps. More of a swoosh than a swish with the odd flick.


New shapes and sizes  awaiting the kiln


They survived the final firing with a lustre and bonus speckles ;- )


New underglaze colour palette


Available soon!


Bottles,Carafes,Vases and  Little Planters


New colour palette


Colouring clay day.


Simple shape making  trinket holders in progress.IMG_2040

Sunday stacking studio fun day


Mugs in progress; sculptural, stacking and a good size for a brew


Ceramic crockery experiments
Ceramic experiment 1
Batch 2 – Plates
ceramic plates batch 2
Large Ceramic plant pots
Large ceramic plant pots