Back in the studio making pots for charity

I’ve been feeling incredibly inspired by my NHS working siblings and everyone out there with them during this time of national lockdown due to Covid-19. I have been feeling helpless in how I can support their efforts so I have started making a new design of which all profits will go towards NHS charities that need it the most. Below is work in progress and ideas which amalgamate and refine previous design. I look forward to sharing them with you once they are ready. All the best, stay safe, stay home xxx



New vases now available to purchase exclusively through OPUMO. All pieces are made individually by myself using a potters wheel. I then decorate them using a wax resist techniques using mark inspired by abstract expressionism and melody. Each piece is totally unique and one of a kind.

blue xxx

work 2

My sentiment and inspiration for ceramic work in the new year. Ettore Sottsas ‘Totem ceramics'(top left), Yuhuchun ping bottle ( far right)and the mighty Jingdezhen potters. Meditate around the medium, be exquisite and bulbous, find strength and make things bigger. Lets see…