Inspiration taken from the colour and design of wild flowers seen when walking in, Vallehermoso, La Gomera, Canaries for sculptural works aesthetic growth.




My sentiment and inspiration for ceramic work in the new year. Ettore Sottsas ‘Totem ceramics'(top left), Yuhuchun ping bottle ( far right)and the mighty Jingdezhen potters. Meditate around the medium, be exquisite and bulbous, find strength and make things bigger. Lets see…


Come visit my studio and lots of others at Spike Island Open Studios this weekend.



 Stone needs structure

Possible compositions

new composition

new composition 3

Mrs Delany, applaud the unusual

Mrs Delany, an avid artist, botanist and gardener born in 1703 devoted much of her life to creating studies of flowers using tiny layers of paper to create the form, shade, tone and detail. An exquisite and advanced approach to portraying dimension in a flat image.

mrs delany

I’m Moving Forwards

Here’s an image and sound recording of a recent encounter whilst on a sailing trip through the straits of Gibraltar. We anchored near a beach in Algesera before crossing a busy shipping lane the day after to Gibraltar. As you can tell from the image it’s hard to emulate any kind of vision in fog and difficult for any camera to focus. We awoke to thick fog with nothing to see of the shipping lane or the beach. But we could here the crowd playing on the beach and holiday resort announcements continued their proceedings. Whilst at sea various big and little ships horns made themselves known. At first such a sound might seem like chaos of communication ‘ I’m here’ ‘ I’m here’ ‘ I’m still here’ ‘ I’m still here’. Various blasts mean either that a ship is altering its passage, moving forward, uncertain of an incoming ships passage or it is stationary and not going anywhere until the fog clears.

curfew tower exhibition

Shields of Density is a group exhibition which culminated a series of residencies of spike associate artists at the Curfew tower in Cushendall, Northern Ireland of which i contributed to. here’s the text and poster which accompanied the exhibition.

Shields of Destiny is the name of a Celtic knot signified as a symbol of protection, known to warden off negative energy. It has distinct corners, a definitive perimeter and a pattern without a clear beginning or end. A formula that resonates with the initial premise of the Curfew Tower. Found on an expedition of Bill Drummonds; he set out to find a beacon, a destination that he believed could project an image which might initiate change, warn off extremity, keep a settlement safe and nurture creative and free thought. The Tower became this beacon and has ran as an artist residency space since 1999 by a trust called ‘in you we trust’, made up of Bill Drummond, Marcus Patton, Susan Phillipsz and John Hirst. Every year a series of artists, collectives and networks are invited to propose ideas for three-week residencies at the tower, an opportunity for artists and travellers alike to explore a location and create an artistic dialogue with the 19th century tower and the community of Cushendall.

This exhibition presents the work of Spike Associate artists who undertook a residency at Curfew Tower during 2013. Spike Associates is a network made up of artists, curators, musicians, poets and cultural producers, who are based at the arts space Spike Island in Bristol. Over the course of the 2013, eleven artists from this network spent three weeks at the beacon that is the curfew tower in Cushendall.

Acting as a shield, the tower provided shelter from the extremity of weather, it was a dwelling that kept the artists safe, and facilitated an abundance of creative leverage; becoming a viewfinder. Curfew tower stands as a locus of memory, a meeting point and a landmark drenched in both political and mythical history. All threads which became the base of the artists’ investigation and documentation of a place, action, time, and a séance to their own subjectivism. Thus creating an indent, an emblem which constantly recreates such a pattern. Exploring this perimeter of a shield of destiny, a new one is created.

Heres a link for more info on the Curfew tower project

Maluable Metal Made Realtime
Pretty fascinating research towards making components for a robot that self assembles when baked. Hopes for the home baked robot are that it may one day have the capacity to do whatever one might need a robot to do, clean the floor, water the plants or entertain the cat. Given its current material process I suspect most cats would be astonished, with its automation inquisitively similar to that of a worm. Having watched in a similar way to how I suspect a cat might, the research components current movements remind me of those extremely arty computer generated visuals,those autonomously alluring ones which stretch and manipulate solid looking surface materials into every mutable shape possible. Who might have thought that such visualisations may have implied function, albeit a little whimsical, can’t wait to cook up a hoover.


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